Woodmont Winterguards










2017 JV Results:

-CWEA Qualifier @ Dorman: 10th place (40.90)

-CWEA Pickens Show: 2nd Place (51.41)

-CWEA Byrnes Show: 5th (62.29)


2017 Varsity Results:

-CWEA Qualifier @ Dorman: 4th place (64.86)

-CWEA Pickens Show: 7th place (62.08)

-CWEA Byrnes Show:  3rd place (70.76)

-SCBDA Championships: 3rd place (72.43)

2016 JV Results:

-CIPA Qualifier @ Dorman: 7th place (51.96)

-CIPA show @ Woodmont: 6th place (45.96)

-CIPA show @ Byrnes :3rd place (54.59) 

-CIPA show @ Woodmont : 2nd Place (66.08)

-CIPA Championships @ WCU : 2nd Place (70.32)


2016 Varsity Results:

-CIPA Qualifier @ Dorman: 1st place (63.73) (promoted)

-CIPA show @ Woodmont: 1st place (63.96)

-CIPA show @ Byrnes: 6th place (64.86)

-CIPA show @ Woodmont: 1st Place (77.43)

-CIPA Championships @ WCU : 3rd Place (75.98)


The Woodmont Winter Guards  consists of the Woodmont Varsity and the Woodmont JV. Both Guards are members of the Carolina Winter Ensemble Association (CWEA) and perform and compete with groups from South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, and Tennessee. Our Winter Guard directors are Mr. Kyle Campbell (Varsity) and Mrs. Maddie Webber (JV).

The Woodmont Varsity Winter Guard  is made up mostly of upperclassmen. The Varisty guard has performed at many events in the community and has placed in the top three in finals over the past few years.

The Woodmont JV Winter Guard is made up mostly of 6th-10th Graders and is for members who would like to one day be on The Varsity Guard. The JV Guard has has placed in the top three in finals over the past few years.

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