Marching Band

“The Band of Pride”








The Woodmont Band of pride is our marching band which includes 7th-12th grade students. We have a marching band class during the school day where we focus on music fundamentals indoors, and we practice two days a week after school from mid-August to late October. We have numerous students who participate in marching band in addition to athletics, clubs and other activities.



The Band of Pride performs regularly at these events:

  • Football Games
    The band performs in the stands and at half time for all home games.  The band also takes trips to all of the away games.

  • Competitions
    The band competes against bands from all over the state in local competitions and the state championships.  There are usually 4-5 competitions that occur on some of the Saturdays during football season.

  • Community Events
    We also get invited to perform at other community events such as parades pep rallies and special ceremonies.




Marching Band is a positive, life-changing experience, offering the following benefits…and many more!

  • Teamwork/Cooperation – No matter what you do in life, teamwork is essential.  Band is a great way to work as a group and learn to reach goals.

  • Friendships – Many band members make friendships that last.  The band is like a family where everyone helps each other out.

  • Leadership – Students learn to be excellent leaders on and off the field.

  • Time Management Skills – During marching band season students learn how to manage their time and make the most of it.

  • Exercise – Everyone needs some exercise.  Marching band is a great way to help you stay in shape and stay active.

  • Extra Curricular – Colleges and universities are impressed when students have participated in extracurricular activities such as marching band.  

  • Learn Campus Layout – New students learn their way around the 9th Grade and WHS campus so they know where everything is by the time school starts.

  • Life Skills – Students learn dedication, commitment, perseverance, responsibility, acceptance of others, and how to compete in a friendly way.  These are necessary skills no matter what they choose to do in life.

  • Trips – Students get to travel to new places as the band takes road trips to away games and competitions.  

  • FUN-FUN-FUN!!!  Don’t forget students have lots of fun in Marching Band. The band plays all kinds of music and students have a great time no matter where we are





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