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           At Woodmont High School, we have several ensembles that perform throughout the year. For our wind and percussion, we have 3 band classes and one percussion class.These classes help teach fundamental technique while giving opportunities to perform in top notch ensembles! Our extracurricular ensembles include Marching Band, Winter Percussion, Winter Guard, and Pep Band! Experiment with different groups to find your niche and maybe learn a new skill along the way!



Concert Band


At the center is our Concert Band program. This is where your student will learn the fundamentals of their instrument, the theory and methods of a musician, and the musicality of a performer. 
       Our concert band is split between three classes (which is new), Band 1, Band 2, and Band 3 & 4. The reason I have set it up this way is so that freshmen will have a chance to work through the transition from Middle School to High School together and we can review the skills learned in the 6th-8th grade years. But that does not mean we will not be learning new material! 
        We will perform two concerts, one at each end of the semester, and be attending Concert Performance Assessment (CPA) in the Spring. Your students will also have the opportunity and the tutoring to be able to audition for All County and All Region Honor Bands and Solo & Ensemble!
        Concert Band is a wonderful way to focus on the music and performing with a wonderful group of students!

Marching Band

Fall Season

The second largest performing group we have is the Marching Band! Ever wonder what would happen if you combined athletics with music? Voila! Marching Band is the place where students participate in an entertaining show that will require musical talents and physical control. We teach students the fundamentals of marching, music, and dance to entertain large crowds at marching competitions across the Upstate. 
        The Marching Band is made up of many different sections: the winds (trumpets, clarinets, etc.), Percussion (marching drumline and front ensemble), and the guard (flags, dance, and equipment)! These students dedicate their talents and energies into performing exciting shows like The Twilight Zone! These shows are performed at Saturday competitions. We aim to participate in 5 competitions with some camp days from Aug. through Oct. These dates will be released when they have been decided upon.
        Along with the competitions, the marching band performs at every home football game, playing pep tunes in the stands like Uma Thurman, 7 Nation Army, and Havana! During these home football games, we provide dinner!
        With so many things to prepare for, this activity does take a lot of time to rehearse. We rehearse 3 days a week from 4:00-6:30pm and have a 2 week band camp before the start of school. If you are interested in joining a wonderful group of students and a wonderful group of supporting staff and parents, contact Mr. Matthews!

Band (Incendia)

Winter Percussion

Winter Season

After our marching season, some people can't wait for the next year before they perform again! Winter Percussion is an indoor activity where students learn a whole new marching show, but the twist is they only using percussion equipment! This activity is a crazy fun chance to really focus on performance skills that might get lost on a large football field.
         Students that do not play percussion equipment still have a chance to participate! Auditions are a week long process where we teach the basics of percussion and then assign instruments based off of their progress and potential.
         This activity is really fun and should be looked into if you have interest. More information will be released in the Fall.

Winter Guard

Winter Season

In a similar vein, Winter Guard is just like Winter Percussion but with guard equipment instead. Your students will learn a show, matched up with a audio track, that will train them how to use all sorts of guard equipment such as flag, rifle, saber, and many more! This combination of dance choreography and acting is an exciting way to learn a skill that you may otherwise not have had!
          The audition process is very similar to Winter Percussion in that it is a week long excursion, with staff teaching the fundamentals of guard before an audition for placement. 
          More information will be released in the Fall.