Welcome to the
Woodmont High school
BAND of PRIDE Family

Welcome to the award winning Woodmont Band of Pride! You are about to join a team of talented musicians that creates an experience of a life time through Performance. Every season we have brand new students, just like you and by the end of the season, they are amazing and love the activity. To help you through your fear and anxiety we have a Staff and leadership team that is dedicated to making sure you are prepared for success and making sure you have fun doing it!

As a new team member, we are sure you have a lot of questions. We will try to answer those questions below.
- What is Marching Band?  
Marching Band is the sport of the music world. It is the combination of Woodwinds, Brass, Percussion, and Colorguard, moving and playing simultaneously to entertain the crowd! Marching Band, also know of the Woodmont Band of Pride, is a highly competitive ensemble. At Band Camp we start teaching, how to march, how to play, and putting together a competitive show that we will take to 4 competitions this season.
- What if my child doesn't have any experience?
Everyone in the Band of Pride was in your shoes at one time. We have a proven method to teach every member to be a successful performer. The Staff and Leadership team will be there every step of the way.
- I have a middle school student, I'm worried about them being around High School Students, has this ever been an issue?
No, We have a large number of Middle School Students in the band. We pride our program on having only individuals who want to better themselves. We believe every student deserves a chance, but if we have some individuals who do not represent the Woodmont name well, or has attitude issues... the student will be dismissed from the team. This is a huge family, and the high school students, tend to protect and take the middle school students under their wing. Especially when the middle school students transition to High School. It's a great group of kids.
- Is there a way for my middle school student to get from the Middle School to Woodmont High School for rehearsals?
YES, there is a bus that comes from each middle school to the high school. We will just put your student's name on the list.
- How much does it cost?
This activity we have gotten to the lowest possible Fair Share Fee we could have. The Cost is $250.00, please do not worry. We have ways to help you fundraise. Yes, the payments can be broken up. With the $250 your child receives: Uniform, band camp, football games, and competition meals, great instructors, music, ALL Bus Travel, a spot in the competitive show, visual instruction, clinicians, etc. 
- How much time does it consume?
3-5 days a week. 3 Rehearsals, 1 Football game, 1 Possible Competition. (Per Week)

The Band of Pride rehearses 3 days a week M/T/Th 4:15-6:45, Friday Night Football Games, and 4 Saturday Contests.

- When is the next Parent/ Booster Meeting? 
- When is Band Camp?
July 26th (Members can leave after they have checked-in)
  • 8am - 12pm Brass and Percussion Check-in​
  • 12 - 4pm Woodwind and Colorguard Check-in​
July 27 - 30th
  • Colorguard 8-4pm
  • Percussion 8-11am
  • Leadership 11:30-1pm 
  • Woodwinds 1-4pm
  • Brass 1-4pm


August 2nd-5th (All Band of Pride Members)
  • 8am - 11am - Visual Block​
  • 11 - 12pm - Break
  • 12 - 3:30pm - Music Block​
  • 3 - 5pm - Break 
  • 5 - 7pm - Full Ensemble​


August 6th, 2021 (All Band of Pride Members)
  • 8 - 11pm - Full Ensemble​
  • 11 - 12pm Break
  • 12 - 2pm Fun Event​
  • 2 - 5pm Break
  • 5 - 6pm Parent Performance
    • 5 - 5:30 Performance Warm-up / Attendance
    • 5:30 - 6:00pm Show Introduction and Parent Performance
    • 6:00pm Announcements/Dismissal
- Can I, as a parent help?
YES, We have multiple opportunities for parents!
- What do we need at Band Camp?
Large Water Jug, Sunscreen, Instrument, and Great Attitude!!!
See you on the Field!!!
New Members