Woodmont Band of Pride Boosters


Dear Parents and Students,

    Welcome to the Woodmont High School Band of Pride Boosters! The Band Booster Club is an organization dedicated to assisting the band director to promote, encourage, and sponsor activities of the band. While the band boosters work closely with Mrs. Cotter we are an independent parent-run, non-profit organization with elected officers. All parents, grandparents, or guardians of students who participate in band activities are welcome and encouraged to participate. It is through the efforts of the band boosters, with the encouragement and support of the staff that the Woodmont Band is able to provide students with the rich diverse opportunities that music education, performance, and competition provide. Below is some information to introduce you to Band Booster activities and what you can expect this year as a new or returning band parent.

Being a band parent

    Well here it is, you are now a band parent, Welcome to the family! This can be one of the most enjoyable experiences for your child and for you as a parent.  I was personally in band when I was in high school and can tell you a number of people I am still friends with, to this day, are my band friends. Now that I am a band mom, some of my close friends are the parents I have met in this band family. First of all, we realize that we have working parents, single parents, grandparents as parents, and any number of different family situations. Please know that you have a much larger family to help you out! You can expect to get pictures of your children, videos from competitions, and help in ways you never expected. As they say, it takes a village and this is the best village you could be a part of! Know that we are all there for each other. Your child may say. “Oh its fine, I don’t really want you there any way”, but they are not being truthful, they do understand when circumstances arise but it really does mean a lot to them when you can make it to see them perform. Life is short and we encourage you to be there as much as possible! 

    For Middle School parents- I know this is intimidating that your baby is about to be around a bunch of high school students. Don’t be afraid. My daughter started in 7th grade and she did just fine. The perks are:

  • Your child will know that high school in and out well before anyone else.

  • Your child will have friends in every grade. Last year my child was a freshman, she had the last lunch (few to no freshman) but she had plenty of people to eat lunch with because of band. 

  • When it comes time to do homework, you have plenty of older kids who have been there and done that. So don’t be worried they are in good hands and will make friends to last a life time! 

    Veterans welcome back!! This year is going to be the best year yet! Some new things happening this year will be creating a tab on the website for boosters. Under that tab we will post meeting minutes, news, and updates. We will also have 3-4 people working to make sure cut time is updated and maintained all year. Communication is a big goal for this year, along with fundraising so please let us know what we can do to improve! 

Band Seasons

The band seasons can be separated into 3 separate categories that may overlap but offer your student a unique opportunity.

Marching season this runs primarily from mid-July to the end of October

Concert Season - All year with Concert Performance Assessment being held in March

Winter Season – Begins in November and runs through April

Woodmont Band of Pride

    The Woodmont Band of Pride performs at all Woodmont home football games. We will perform at various community events including but not limited to various school events, Christmas parades, and other community events. Your child will be expected to attend these events unless discussed with the band director. 

    Marching Band Season officially begins July 29 with band camp. This will include marching fundamentals, sectional music practice or guard practice. Your child will learn how to play an instrument and march at the same time or spin a flag or rifle and march at the same time (don’t let them tell you they can’t multi-task lol).  You will hear all sorts of new terminology such has hash mark (not tag), drill, bibbers, drop spin, and shako. The band boosters will provide lunch for your children during these days but you will be expected to make sure your child eats breakfast. 

Band Camp

    What to expect! Especially for new parents band camp can be intimidating so allow us calm your fears. First of all band camp will run from Monday July 29th to Friday August 2nd this will be from 9 am to 9 pm every day except Wednesday.  We will end at 5:30 on Wednesdays to allow for students to attend church.   If your child needs to leave for any reason, please communicate with the drum majors or the band captain as soon as possible.

    What does my child need to bring to band camp?  Your child will be outside for a good portion of the day. Therefore your child will NEED: Sunscreen, WATER bottle (a large cooler like water jug is best), bug spray, small snacks, a hat, socks and tennis shoes (no sandals). Some students bring cooling cloths. 

    Please, please, please make sure your child begins hydrating at least 2 days before band camp begins.  Make sure your child has breakfast EVERY day. If they can’t eat first thing in the morning, make sure they pack a snack. More students “fall out” due to low blood sugar or dehydration. We do make sure they get plenty of water breaks but often they start band camp dehydrated so please make sure they are hydrated. 





Marching Band uniforms

    Marching band members wear uniforms and shakos provided by the band (part of where your band fees go). This year we are encouraging students to purchase their marching band shoes and gloves. We will have extra shoes and gloves for those who cannot afford to purchase these items. We have a band shoe vendor that will come to band camp and measure your student for their shoes.  The cost is approximately $38.00. Uniforms will include black shoes, mid-calf black socks (you must provide), black bibbers (provided), a new printed top (provided), and a head dress (provided). Other items that will be needed are hair ties and bobby pins, extra deodorant, and a white tee shirt to go under the uniform shirt.

    The summer uniform this year will be different than in the past.  It will consist of a blue track suit, male and female athletic shorts, a band tee shirt and white socks and shoes (you provide). Plain white keds work just fine! This uniform will be for all band students to wear and it is included in your band fee.

Color guard Uniforms

    Color guard members wear uniforms custom made for each child along with tan guard shoes.  Our band shoe vendor will be at band camp to measure the guard for shoes.  She will also have color guard gloves for sell.  If your child is a weapon (rifle or saber) we suggest that you purchase these gloves to protect their hands. Buying products such as these online are not suggested. We always purchase them from our vendor so that they match each other and they are the correct product for your student. 

After School Practice

    The first thing you will learn about practice is “if you are on time you’re late”.  Sometimes rehearsals run a little late.  The reason for this is that they may be running a part of the show and just want to run it one more time with the changes they made. Please try to be patient as this is one of the few things that pushes them to do the best they can and is teaching them to work hard as a team for an ultimate goal. 

    Once school starts, marching band members practice after school every Tuesday and Thursday from 4:15-7:15.  Middle school students can take a bus from the middle school to the high school but you will need to call your child’s school to make these arrangements. We only practice two days during the week.  PLEASE DO NOT SCHEDULE APPOINTMENTS ON THESE DAYS. It hurts the entire band when your child is absent. These practices are outside if the weather permits, so water and sunscreen and bug spray are highly recommended. It is also strongly recommended that your child brings a snack to hold them over until the end of practice.  They should also get in the habit of doing homework before practice begins, if time permits.

Football games

    Once the football season starts, the marching band will perform their routine at half time for many of the home games. These are on Friday nights. During the initial games, the show is often incomplete, and the band uses those games to perfect their show and practice in front of a live audience. In addition, the band plays music from the stands. They will stay throughout the game and will march back together after the game. They are expected to take care of their equipment before they can leave as the next day will usually be a competition. Don’t be surprised if your child all of a sudden knows more about football than you do. On home football game days, the students stay after school to prepare for the game. The Band Booster parents will provide dinner for the students but we suggest they bring a few dollars for the concession stand.




    Competitions take place on Saturdays beginning in September and ending in October. It is crucial that your child be at all of these competitions as they are an integral part of the show. Students will meet at Woodmont High School in the band room (again if they are on time, they are late), where they will take a bus to the competition. Often times the competitions can last the entire day. This year we hope to provide a meal at every competition for the kids and we always provide water. We suggest you provide some cash for snacks during the competition as well.

    At the end of every competition when we arrive home students are expected to put away their own equipment and help unload the trailers! This means you can expect around 15 min or more for us to put everything away! We will try our best to send out a remind message at least 15 min before we arrive back at the school.

Band Booster Meetings

    Booster meetings will be held on the 1st Thursday of the month at 6:30 pm. All are welcome to attend but you must be a paid member to vote. At meetings we will discuss current issues, fundraising, new events. This is the best way to be involved and to stay current on needed information.  We always try to keep our website, www.woodmontband.com current and up to date. 


    To become a chaperone you must go to woodmontband.com, click volunteer information, follow the link to fill out the district online form and go to the level II application. You can expect up to 2 weeks for the application process to finish. You MUST complete the forms in order to volunteer with ANY of the students. This process is good for 2 years. When you become a chaperone your responsibilities will include making sure we have one first aid box per bus. Your job is to make sure the student leaders are able to do their jobs effectively.  The main goal this year is to encourage the student leaders to do just that lead the band. Even as chaperones you may have to pay to get into competitions. We do get a limited number of tickets for our chaperones and pit crew but those are limited and cannot be given to siblings or extra chaperones that did not sign up. 

Pit Crew

    The pit crew is a large part of the marching season!  Their job is to make sure the drum major podiums are put up, the pit equipment is in place quickly, any props are put into place correctly on the field, helping load the trucks and such. Pit crew that agrees to be at all competitions should be able to get into the competitions for free. You are a highly respected member of the team and we could not function without our pit crew parents!


    We will have many opportunities for fundraising this year including but not limited to:  Community cards, sponsorships, chocolate sales, working basketball games, and a few possible big events. 





Rules, Expectation, and Procedures


All rules and expectations are clearly stated in our band handbook.  This year it will be available online.  This will help reduce our cost and will always be readily accessible. Below are listed a few guidelines to help you get started.

  • HAVE FUN!  This activity is a roller coaster of emotions, but in the end, make sure that you are having fun.

  • YOUR SAFETY.  Please always let staff members know of any injuries of ailments you may be experiencing.

  • PUSH YOURSELF, settle for nothing less than 200%. “Nothing Great ever came from Comfort Zones”

  • RESPECT ALL STUDENTS AND STAFF MEMBERS.  The staff working with the students are highly trained in this activity and will push the students to bring out full potential. Sometimes students will be called out, and you as parents will all hear about this. If you have any comments or concerns, please feel free to contact us. We as instructors are human, as well, and sometimes when information gets to the parents, some details get left out. Feel free to contact us.

  • BE EARLY.  This will help you to be ready to start on time.

  • BE AT REHEARSAL.  Rehearsals are important. If one person is absent it’s a struggle for everyone else. This activity is dependent on each other. Understand if a child misses a rehearsal the week of a contest, and hasn’t made up or learned the work in time, the student WILL NOT perform at that contest.  We will be using a 3 absences chart for the season. Once a student hits 3 absences without proper documentation (doctor’s note) the student may be dismissed from the program.

  • COMMUNICATE!  We will always try to work with you if possible if we know about situations. Aggravation comes when a student, the day before an activity says, “I can’t come tomorrow because” We need advanced notice, if at all possible.  We will give you a rehearsal and contest schedule. If we need to make a change, we will give you as much advanced notice as possible.

  • ALL PERFORMANCES ARE MANDATORY!!!  This activity is an all-inclusive program, which means that your student will never be sitting out.  They are a major part of the team that everyone relies on.


  • DRUGS, ALCOHOL, PROFANITY, AND TOBACCO products of any form will result in immediate dismissal from the programs.

  • EQUIPMENT CARE.  Student not taking care of equipment, losing equipment, or destroying equipment, will result in the student/parent replacing that equipment and dismissal from the team.

  • Schedules will be posted on our website – www.woodmontband.com.  The schedule is subject to change so please check the website often.


            Band Fees:  $250.00

Payment dates:    



Contact numbers

Mrs. Donna Cotter, Director of Bands


Mr. Derek Henson, Director of Percussion


Ms. Heidi Templeton, Assistant


Mr. Isaac King, Brass and Visual Instructor


Mr. Bob Cotter, Composer


Mrs. Katherine Laches, Ralph Chandler Middle School Director


Mrs. Caitlyn Scott, Woodmont Middle School Director


Mr. Sean Baker, Co-Band Booster Club President


Mrs. Erin Baker, Co-Band Booster Club President

864-320-2001 (text preferred)

Mrs. Amy Kissick Secretary


Mrs. Mindy Imperati Treasurer


Mr. Daryl Imperati Treasurer


Mrs. Michelle McClellan Treasurer 


Mrs. Sally Lookadoo Food Coordinator 


Ms. Wendy Steck Volunteer Coordinator





Chaperone Policy


Thank you so much for being willing to chaperone our band students.  You are an integral and necessary part of this program.  The following is a guideline for you to follow in assisting the staff and the students. 


  • Chaperones must have applied and been approved by Greenville County School District.

  • Make sure to have a medical kit and medical forms for every student

  • The roll of the chaperone is not to enforce discipline but to ensure the safety of our students

  • If there is a discipline issue, the staff should be notified immediately

  • Students are trained and instructed as to procedures at contest.  Please do not interfere with this process

  • Couples are not allowed to sit together on the bus at night

  • All school rules are to be followed.  If there is an issue, please notify the staff immediately

  • Make sure water and cups are provided at every event

  • Make sure students have food and money to eat with.  Usually the booster club will have extra money for students that have a need.

  • If the event is lengthy, make sure food, snacks, and water is available

  • Please allow student leaders to do their jobs

  • Students must follow the expectations given in the band handbook

Looking forward to a great season,

              Woodmont BOP Boosters

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